Cindy crawford home birth

cindy crawford home birth

Supermodel and mom Cindy Crawford gave birth to both of her children at home with midwives attending. She says, "I'm a big advocate of home births if the. Cindy Crawford on the Birth of Her Daughter. difficult) is still possible vaginally, naturally and at home and 2. Home birth mums: Cindy Crawford, Thandie Newton and Alyson Hannigan. Model mum-of-two Cindy Crawford had both of her children - son.

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Getty Images, Twitter Hollywood is having a baby boom - and some of our favourite celebrity mums are welcoming their little ones at home. I was there with my baby and my husband. I didn't tell anyone last time because a lot of people are against home birth and tell you horror stories. The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought 'my baby is closer to coming out. And fish grossed me out. The Big Bang Theory star and mother of two talked about her second son's home birth, while her elder son watched. With hindsight I felt like the hospital protocol was not what is necessarily best for mother and baby. The Birth Centre experience was totally different from the NHS. Her midwives were from the Birth Centre and after the birth she said, "The NHS is superb, but the staff can seem insensitive because they never see the same patient twice. US Vogue devoted five pages to the subject in its November issue and Ricki Lake's film is the talk of Hollywood. I had a midwife, her assistant and a doula. And I video slots bonus free weights twice a week. cindy crawford home birth