Asm poker chips

asm poker chips

ASM CLAY POKER CHIPS. These chips have the Roman Border mold. The chips pictured are the exact chips you will receive when your order is processed. High quality poker chips for an ultimate poker game at home. Shipping to Australia, US, UK and Other European countries. Best deal for clay poker chip sets. Manufacturer: ASM (Atlantic standard Molding) Retailer(s):, Average Price a chip Material: Clay composite  ASM /CPC Chips - What's the Hype?.

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True compression molded clay chip realizing that no chips are pure clay Fully customizable with inlays and insert options High quality of workmanship. Credit Cards processed by PayPal. They do feel harder right out of the gate but I like that element. If I'm only handling ASM I pretty much don't notice. Feb 2, at 8: These chips are your typical


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