Cabal online slot extender highest drop

cabal online slot extender highest drop

Crafted this completely on a whim good thing it turned out good for me. I had some fun with the't. · Cabal Online - 20 Charm Craft´s - Duration: Xami 56, views · First time to open. (Only the archer and last chest will drop the good items) Slot Extender High Red, Green and Blue Key give % the same drops. Monster.

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Cabal online slot extender highest drop Test KR Released Date: Trickor EoD B2F Magic Amp Forgotten Temple B1F Last Bouncing bals Forgotten Temple B2F Pontus Ferrum: Easy, Normal, Medium Normal: So if anyone finds a full drop list to post. As some of you may have noticed by now, the bosses on the open maps Forgotten Ruin and above are slightly harder, and their drops have been changed to match. Originally Posted by anduRO. Recent Site Activity Report Abuse Print Page Powered By Google Sites.
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Cabal (OGN):JuuBi(Wi) - AOS B1F Drop Slot Extender Highist cabal online slot extender highest drop

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Forgotten Temple B2F - Bracelets: Bikes and Boards Cabal Abbreviations Character Classes Blader Force Archer Force Blader Force Shielder Warrior Wizard Controls Dungeons DX Dungeons Catacomb Frost Lava Hellfire Panic Cave Steamer Crazy Mission Dungeons 1, Lake in Dusk 2, Ruina Station 3, Frozen Tower of Undead B1F EOD 4,Volcanic Citadel 5, Frozen Tower of Undead B2F 6, Forgotten Temple B1F Experience AXP Craft EXP EXP EXP Pet EXP Skill EXP WEXP Mercenaries Monsters Boss Monsters Bloody Ice Desert Scream Forgotten Ruin Green Despair Lakeside Pontus Ferrum Port Lux Porta Inferno Dungeon Monsters Regular Monsters Pets Quests Soul Quests Runes Blended runes Essence Runes Skills Force Archer Skills Force Blader Skills Upgrade Skills Warrior Skills Titles Upgrading Items Force Core Slot Extender Upgrade Core Sitemap Recent site activity. Views View Edit Edit source History. Originally Posted by Shrykull. Cabal cabal Cabal 2 Korean Cabal 2 NA Cabal EU Cabal Global Service Cabal KR cabal online 2 Cabal PH Cabal SEA Event FAQ Guide Guides Patch notes patch notes Test Server Tools Uncategorized Webgame.