Crazy race horse names

crazy race horse names

There are loads of funny horse names which can be used for a night at the races. We have created a list of some you may want to pick. Horse racing can be serious business, but the colorful people involved Check out some of these names that owners came up with for their horses: 1. it's a little insane (and slightly yucky) that someone named a horse this. There are names submitted each year to the racehorse naming rights authority, The Jockey Club. Of those entries, nearly one third are. crazy race horse names


Race Horse Names - The Graham Norton Show - Series 12 Episode 13 - BBC One A favorite was the son of the turf star Judge Smells, yclipt as Odor in the Court. Meet Me In Vegas. Ready In The Morn. Here we give you the low down on the top 12 that have given us a right old chuckle when running on the track. Now Reading Eleven Funny Horse Names. Still, onwards and upwards!